The murder of Warren Hill


“The killing has started again here. They killed Mr Andrew Brannan on the 13th and on the 27th they intend to kill Mr Warren Hill. They probably will not get to me for four or five months – but who knows, my time could come sooner.”

In one of his final letters, Brandon wrote to me about Mr Warren Hill, of whom he wrote later in the letter “Maybe he will get a stay of execution on Tuesday 27th of January.” Sadly, Mr Hill did not get a stay of execution, and died at 7.00 pm that evening.

It is an unquestionable fact that the last man Brandon wrote to me about was executed, and it was done so illegally, and against the US constitution. Mr Hill was 54 years old but had the intellectual capabilities of a child, and he was declared mentally impaired by seven different medical doctors. The European Union wrote to the Board of Pardons and Paroles to request clemency, yet the request went ignored.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that it is illegal to execute an intellectually disabled person, and yet Mr Hill was sentenced to die, and was not granted clemency. Mr Hill, if there was ever any question, had the misfortune of being a black man caught up in the justice system of the state of Georgia. If you are unconvinced by me, then read more here.

The slaughters that are ongoing in these prisons are animalistic, inhumane and barbaric. They are often at best legally questionable, and at worst downright unlawful. The 38 years awaiting death that Brandon has faced is already far more than he would face for the same mistake made in many other Western countries, and is an obscene punishment to be forced to endure before a senseless death. If you are not made angry by the situation not only facing Brandon but facing so many others, then you do not understand it.

Please, write, and express your outrage. There still may be time to save Brandon from death. Write, and demand clemency for Brandon. Do not be passive, do not allow a man to die for the sake of complacency, or apathy. Please, write now and do what you can to save his life. It will now be too late to send a letter, but please email one, addressed to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, to


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