Better late than never


“Please do pray for us all, and the entire planet John. God has given us all many gifts and some of us – like me – have squandered many of them. Alas, it takes some of us a lot longer to learn how to live right. Better late than never.”

[The below is the third entry in a series of posts. If you’re coming across this blog for the first time, you might like to read through the other posts to see why Brandon is a man who should be saved.]

If you search online for Brandon’s execution, you’ll find news reports. If you do, you can find ones with comment sections, and read about the people who think that Brandon is scum, evil, and should have died a long time ago. I don’t know as much as I’d like to about Brandon’s past, but I know the man he is now, and he is a man who has learned to live right, better late than never.

The words in the picture are what he wrote to me in one of the last letters he sent me, and unless his clemency appeal is successful, one of the last ones he ever will. I suppose there are not much better words to read; that a man has learnt to change his life in a way more drastic than most of us will ever know.

It is easy to be good if you are a good man. If you are born good, and have a good family and a good upbringing and good friends, you can be good, and perhaps you can judge those who are not good. But it is much harder to be good if you are not a good man. If your life has involved abandonment, betrayal, murder, incarceration, discrimination and a lingering, inevitable execution, and you can still manage to choose to be good, and become a good man when you had not been, then that is something incredible. It is something worth saving, preserving, and keeping in the world.

Let Brandon keep being good for the time he has left. Write to Katrina Conrad, the mitigation specialist for Brandon’s case, with a letter for the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Katrina Conrad, LCSW
Staff Investigator, Capital Habeas Unit
Federal Defender Program, Inc.
101 Marietta St. NW, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30303
ph: 404-688-7530
fax: 404-688-0768


One thought on “Better late than never

  1. It was never proofed, that Brandon really shot down the store manager.
    It is cruel to kill Brandon after the long 35 years in prison. Only god has the right to take Life not the american court.
    It is a shame for the state of Georgia to kill a 72 year old man.
    We have the year 2016….but it seemed like in the middleage in Ameria.


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